Where Do I Get Arrest Records?

Arrest records in the United States are considered as Public Records – translation: anyone can get access to them. The common categories of Public Records are:
  •        Inmate records
  •        Arrest records
  •        Police records
  •        Court records
  •        Sex offender records

Arrest records in US

In the United States, arrest records is one of the most searched of all the court records categories. The reason why most people search for arrest records is because an official arrest is documented every time an individual is brought into custody or detained by any of the law enforcement authorities. An individual can be arrested (even by Military personnel) on grounds of criminal allegation or suspicion of breaking the country’s or jurisdiction’s law(s).

How to Get Arrest Records

Since arrest records are public records they are easily accessible by anyone as long as the person searching for these records complies with necessary procedures. One can get public arrest records from the police departments, government agencies and the Federal bureau of Investigation (FBI). You can easily request for these records via mail, in person, telephone, fax or on the internet.
The internet is the most popular method of getting arrest records you can also search court cases online as well in order to find what you are looking for.
You must also understand that public arrest records are usually governed by state laws, which also means that there are certain parts of the country where certain public records are not accessible to just anybody.

Privacy rights of the employers

Individuals have a right to their privacy that is why the law does not allow employers to ask direct questions about a prospective employee’s arrest record during a job interview. Which is why arrest records search are usually done discreetly, arrest records are also not carried out on only employees at the office but are also conducted on the following as well:
  •        New or old neighbors
  •        Social acquaintances
  •        Future spouse or partner
  •        Care givers
  •        Nannies
  •        Shady people

Personal details

You can get a lot of information can be gotten from arrest records, the records usually contain personal details such as:
  •     Description of the person
  •     Civil judgments
  •     Details of each of the arrest (if more than one) – the time of the arrest
              -    Location where the arrest took place
              -    Warrant
              -    Offense that led to the arrest
              -    Case number
              -    Warrant
              -    Agency
  •     Bankruptcies and liens details
  •     Tax offenses etc

Arrest records online

You can search court cases online in order to get details of an individuals arrest records. There are lots of reasons why people search for these records, and the internet has been one the tools that has been used to search for these records.

The internet is fast, you can get all the information you need in a jiffy without observing waiting periods or certain delays which may occur with traditional methods of conducting arrest records search. You can also conduct arrest records search with the utmost discretion, no one will know what you are up to because you can conduct the search in your office, at home or at the cyber cafe at any time of the day.